Be Competitive! Get Your Personal Service Website Up Now!

With the growing unemployment rate in the US job market, more and more independent workers and personal service providers are looking into going solo in the workforce environment. Mainly due to the an ever increasing job loss and unemployment, job hunters are finding it more difficult than ever to land on a good paying job. We are so populated with highly skilled individuals who some have more than one service to offer but cannot find a decent gig. So since there are more competitions, applicants get lost into the growing pool of job hunters and the chances of getting noticed are getting slimmer by the second. I know. It’s old news. However, we just can’t help hearing this old news.I notice that more independent workers, especially the ones with personal services to offer, are becoming savvier with their tactics and strategy when it comes to finding work. Some started their personal blogs, offering free information in exchange for opt-in emails, a subscription method to generate leads. Others sell packaged information in the form of ebooks and video tutorials valued at a very affordable cost which also opens up the door to invite prospects to hopefully purchase more of the other products and services in the near future.Whatever the type of profession you are in or products and services you are offering, one thing you cannot live without, an online presence. You must have some sort of personal services or general business services webpage, a blog page, or at least a one page online info about who you are and what type of personal services you are offering.There are tons of auto-create web apps that you can use, some are free and some will cost you your mortgage. Depending on how good you are in your research skill level, you can find yourself tinkering forever and a day on a free web application you downloaded because you don’t have the technical skills to manage it or someday wondering why you have been paying a lot of money for a service that has not got you farther than since you have installed the program. Well some of us just have to learn the hard way.But in order to compete in this cut throat job environment, we must learn how to leverage our chances of becoming noticed. And having your own website is a tool that still many people do not take advantage of. I know that it is harder than it sounds, but what isn’t when it comes to earning a living.You have to learn a new way of self-promotion online if you haven’t yet. It is by far the easiest method to learn. There are multitude of resources and tutorials, and most of them are free! Just take your own pace to not get frustrated (too soon).Having your own web presence not only makes it easier for you to elaborate and present your personal services or general business services to your potential clients or customers, it also can be very affordable. Good and careful online research will be one of your most important time investments of your life….beginning today!